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Monroe Truck Equipment

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Body Types and Lines

Service Truck

Service Utility Van

Flatbed Truck

Dump Truck

Mechanics Body

Landscape Dump

Dump Truck

Service Truck

Box Truck

Box Van

Service Truck

Service Truck

Box Van

Service Utility Van

Hooklift Body

Dump Truck

Box Van

Service Truck

Hauler Body

Dump Truck

Dovetail Landscape

Knapheide: Aluminum Service Body

Our aluminum service truck beds offer the most innovative design and superior construction.

Tested in the harshest lab environments, automotive proving grounds and by customers like you, our Aluminum Service Bodies are built to perform. Additionally, military-grade aluminum and structural adhesives that ensure maximum strength and longevity for your work truck.

What does this mean for you? The corrosion resistance of aluminum, an impactful increase in payload and a truck bed as durable as steel. When it comes to Knapheide, lightweight doesn’t mean light duty.

Knapheide: KUVcc

Love the organization capabilities in a utility van, but require a truck chassis for more cab space or four-wheel drive? We’ve designed KUVcc Utility Truck Bodies just for you.

You get all the same great benefits of a KUV, but in a package that’s compatible with a truck cab chassis. With more than enough secure compartments and cargo area storage, the KUVcc can handle all of your tools, equipment and parts while keeping them separated and organized. The KUVcc features solid steel construction so you know you will get years of durable service out of this enclosed utility body.

Productivity and efficiency is vital to your success, so choose a Knapheide KUVcc to add a boost to your bottom line.

Knapheide: Steel Service Body

With a rugged steel construction and external storage for your tools and equipment, the Service Body is a key component in your day-to-day productivity.

The external compartments offer protection from outside elements and allow technicians to access their equipment without having to climb into the truck bed.

Staying organized both on and between job sites is important. Get maximum efficiency with a Knapheide Service Body.

Knapheide: KUV

Say goodbye to crawling around in the back of your cargo van endlessly searching for tools, parts and equipment. The KUV creates optimized organization for the technician, dividing the storage space into manageable compartments that are externally accessible from either side of the body.

The technician pulls up to the jobsite, exits the cab and immediately has quick access to the tools and parts they need without having to crawl into the cargo area. Dedicated conduit chutes enable the technician to store longer items without cluttering the floor of the oversized cargo area.

Knapheide's KUV is constructed of rugged galvanneal steel so the technician can have confidence it will provide years of reliable service. More contractors and technicians utilizing an enclosed utility body as their work vehicle choose a Knapheide KUV. If you spend more time searching for tools and equipment, invest in a KUV and get more billable hours out of your day.

Knapheide: Heavy-Hauler Junior

Heavy-Hauler Junior flatbed truck bodies are designed with versatility in mind to meet various vocational needs.

Knapheide's Heavy-Hauler Junior Platform Body is equipped with external rub rails, integrated tie down points and stake pockets, along with a heavy-duty bulkhead and robust flooring options. Add steel stake sides to a Heavy-Hauler Junior Platform Body to transition into a dedicated Stake Body, or choose a hoist for dumping applications. The Heavy-Hauler Junior Platform Body is designed to be multi-faceted in order to suit a wide variety of vocations.

The Heavy-Hauler Junior offers all the features you need to tackle tough jobs without breaking your budget.

Knapheide: PGNB Gooseneck

PGNB Gooseneck Bodies from Knapheide come loaded with all the same great standard features found in PGNA models (integrated gooseneck and receiver hitch systems, internal stake pockets and punched bulkhead) plus integrated stop, tail, turn and backup lights in both the rear skirt and bulkhead and side rub rails for additional functionality and convenience.

Choose models for either single or dual rear wheel chassis, along with 8', 9' and 11' body lengths. Regardless if you're hauling a horse trailer or hay bales, PGNB Gooseneck Bodies are well equipped for the task at hand.

Knapheide: PGNC Gooseneck

PGNC Gooseneck Bodies from Knapheide have distinct side-skirt styling with integrated front and rear toolboxes. The sleek yet functional design provides storage for tools, chains, tie-down straps and more.

Unlike the competition, Knapheide fully immerses all Gooseneck Bodies, including the PGNC, in an exclusive E-Coat prime paint system for the industry's best rust and corrosion protection. When you need a Gooseneck Body with proven performance, turn to the Knapheide PGNC Gooseneck Body.

Knapheide: PGND Gooseneck

Knapheide PGND Gooseneck Bodies are the top of the line. You won't find a more feature-packed and deluxe model in the industry. PGND Gooseneck Bodies feature superior and innovative solid steel construction so you have confidence it will withstand your jobsite abuse.

From the ample compartment storage to the contoured bulkhead to the all LED lights, the PGND has everything you need in a Gooseneck Body and more. The reliable under the floor gooseneck hitch system can haul even your heaviest gooseneck trailer loads.